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While we are focused on our students’ learning and achieving good grades, we are equally passionate about them becoming confident and successful citizens. To make this happen we invest in their personal development throughout their time with us.

Students are part of a Form Tutor Group. Tutors work with Directors of Learning within each Key Stage, alongside a Wellbeing Manager and Wellbeing Team to provide day to day support to their students. Form Tutors also monitor each student’s academic progress and mentor them at key points during the year.

Wellbeing Manager Mr A Sully
Family Support Mrs R Bailey
Wellbeing Intervention Mr P Jenkins
Pastoral Support Mrs E Daley
Pastoral Support Mrs S Damon
Pastoral Support Mrs R Evans
Pastoral Support Miss S Fletcher
Pastoral Support Miss S Revill

Our Wellbeing Team gives immediate help to students who may need encouragement or assistance on a particular matter. We have a comprehensive programme of personal, social and health education delivered through our Integrated Curriculum. Global Citizenship and aspects of Religious Studies are also a key feature of this curriculum area. These develop students’ awareness and tolerance of others in addition to developing their sense of responsibility to themselves, their family and community.

Students meet each day with their Tutor Group and once a week for an assembly. This gives an opportunity for celebrating success, spiritual reflection and communication with the whole year group.

Please use the links below to access:

Useful Wellbeing Resources

PHW Guidance on Common Infections