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Teacher Training with MCS

Monmouth Comprehensive School has a long tradition of initial teacher training. Staff across the areas of learning are committed to sharing their passion, professionalism and vision to nurture and develop the next generation of excellent teachers.

We care about trainee teachers’ understanding of pedagogy and the important theoretical ideas behind the art and science of teaching. We encourage the reading and critical analysis of educational philosophy and literature. Of course we also value the practical application of theory and support student teachers in perfecting their craft in the classroom. Trainees are fully supported and follow established schemes of work, assessments and school policies. This ensures their authentic experience, and also the consistency and high standards our students need. Trainees are closely mentored and observed to support both them and our learners.

Working alongside student teachers is inspiring and important for established teachers – the relationship between mentor and trainee is mutually beneficial. Trainees pose questions, notice subconscious techniques and strategies and force the ‘expert’ to reflect, explain and justify their actions and decisions. Similarly, trainees arrive full of enthusiasm, creativity and energy which is always motivating and inspiring to be around. We do everything we can to nurture their creativity and independence.

Trainee teachers at MCS are valued, fully fledged members of staff, afforded the full respect of staff and students alike. They are invited to participate in extra-curricular activities, trips, meetings, parents’ evenings and all other aspects of a busy secondary comprehensive school. Trainees are also encouraged to work pastorally as Form Tutors to highlight this important and highly rewarding aspect of the profession.

Whilst on placement at MCS, trainees can expect to receive a holistic, varied and authentic programme of professional seminars. These are led by a range of staff who are experts in their field, from ALN provision, to reporting, assessing and of course, safeguarding. We pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded, well-organised and busy programme to support not only the professional development of trainee teachers, but also their ambition, dedication to lifelong learning and their own well-being and resilience.

MCS enjoys partnerships with a range of higher education institutions:

The University of Aberystwyth -

The University of West England -

Cardiff Metropolitan University -

The University of Gloucester  -

The Open University -


If you have any questions or queries regarding initial teacher training at MCS please contact: