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Integrated Curriculum

The Integrated Curriculum (IC) builds learning skills in a systematic way across the curriculum so that students develop independence in their learning (‘How to Learn’ as well as ‘What to Learn’).

There is a clear focus on developing the Cross-curriculum Responsibilities of:

· Literacy;

· Numeracy;

· Digital Competency.

As well as the Wider Skills of:

· Critical Thinking and Problem Solving;

· Planning and Organising;

· Creativity and Innovation;

· Personal Effectiveness.

Skills are developed through a range of authentic, engaging learning opportunities that link to the local, national and international world in order for students to become:

• ambitious, capable learners;

• enterprising, creative contributors;

• ethical, informed citizens;

•  healthy, confident individuals.

Integral to this is the development of successful relationships in the formal and informal school environment that the Integrated Curriculum provides.

All students from Years 7 to 13 receive four occurrences on the timetable for the Integrated Curriculum with their Form Tutor. The role of the Form Tutor is integral in the teaching and learning and assessment of the IC, as well as providing pastoral care and monitoring of whole school progress.

From September, IC will provide further support and experiences linked to health and well-being including coverage of the following areas:

1. Developing physical health and wellbeing and being aware of the lifelong benefits

2. Understand how we process and respond to our experiences and how this may affect our mental health

3. Understand how our decision-making impacts on the quality of our lives and the lives of others

4. Understand how our engagement with different social influences shapes who we are and our health and wellbeing

5. Gain knowledge on how relationships are fundamental to our sense of belonging and wellbeing

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