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Sixth Form Prospectus and Curriculum

Sixth Form Open Evening takes place on Thursday 20th January 2022. More details to appear on our website in January.

Sixth Form Curriculum

The Sixth Form at Monmouth Comprehensive School provides a stimulating and purposeful environment where all students are challenged to achieve their full potential. From the team building Induction Day at the start through to Results Day at the end, each student follows his or her personal pathway to success and fulfilment.

The curriculum is structured to allow for clear progression with accreditation and considerable personal choice and flexibility. At the core of our programme for every student is the Welsh Baccalaureate Diploma. The Baccalaureate offers a wide and diverse programme of study that develops independent learning skills required for higher education and the workplace. The Welsh Baccalaureate motivates students to pursue personal enthusiasms and interests adding breadth and depth to their learning while, at the same time, maintaining a focus on the essential skills of literacy, numeracy and digital competency.

Please click HERE to access the Sixth form Prospectus and Curriculum