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School Cloud and Parents' Evenings

Each Year Group has one Parents’ Evening during the academic year.  This is an opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers to gain feedback on progress and areas for development.  Monmouth Comprehensive School has adopted the use of ‘Schoolcloud’, an online programme for all Parents’ Evenings; this allows you to meet with teachers from home, without the queues.   

‘Schoolcloud’ can be accessed through mobile telephones, tablets and computers and from multiple locations allowing Parents’ Evenings to be more accessible.  Email communication will provide you with the reminders for Parents’ Evening dates and the ‘go live’ time and date for making appointments for your child’s Parents’ Evening.

The link to make appointments through 'Schoolcloud' for Monmouth Comprehensive School:

SchoolCloud - Monmouth Comprehensive

Guidance on the use of the 'Schoolcloud' system can be found on this link:

Video Appointments: Parents - How to attend appointments over video call - SchoolCloud Parents Evening (


Dates for Parents’ Evenings may be found in the School Calendar.