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Google Classroom

Google for Education

Google Classroom is part of Google for Education which includes apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drive, and more. These apps allow teachers and students to communicate and collaborate at school or at home on any device.

Google Classroom

In Google Classroom, students can find all of their work, communicate with their teacher, and get feedback and grades.

Family members can opt into Guardian summaries to keep up with their child’s progress.

Students can store and organise documents or class resources securely in Google Drive, and access them from any device. This means that all student work is saved automatically and won’t get lost.

Through Google for Education students have access to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for free which means that they can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and collaborate with their peers and teachers in real-time. Students also have access to Office 365 through Hwb.

Using Google Classroom

Through Hwb students can access Google Classroom where they should find a classroom for each of their subjects. These classrooms are filled with resources, tasks and assignments.

Your child has been given a secure Hwb login and password.

Click HERE to log in to Hwb then click on Google for Education.

 Enter your Hwb username and password.

 Students will then be taken straight to Google Classroom. To use a different application, click on the Google apps ‘waffle’ (in the top right hand corner) and select the Google for Education application you wish to use. students can communicate and collaborate at school or home on any device, all within a secure environment.

For video guides on how to access and use Google Classroom please click HERE.