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Faculty of Welsh Adran Y Gymraeg

Faculty Leader: Mrs A Aggleton

Welsh as a second language is taught to all students in Years 7 to 11 and AS and A2 Levels are also offered to Sixth Form students. About 20% of the population of Wales speak Welsh fluently and this figure is rising. Amongst 3 to 15 year olds, the figure is 40%.

Research shows that understanding more than one language allows us to think more flexibly and creatively. Learning Welsh opens the door to experiencing a different culture of music, literature, TV and radio. A qualification in Welsh is now widely sought for careers including the Welsh Government and Local Government, the media and teaching.

At MCS, students are given many opportunities to use their Welsh outside lessons. The weekly Clwb Clecs (Welsh Club) holds a variety of activities and there is also an annual visit to the Urdd Centre in Llangrannog as well as trips to the theatre and local bilingual businesses.


Students start Year 7 with a wide range of experiences of Welsh. Some will have had regular lessons at primary school, whilst others are just starting out! For those students transferring from a primary school in England, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn some Welsh during the ‘Taster Days’ in the summer term before joining the school.

In learning Welsh in Years 7, 8 and 9 our emphasis is on enjoying learning and using everyday spoken Welsh. Students learn through a wide variety of games, role plays, conversations and use of the internet. Topics covered include School, Celebrations, Holidays, Family, Sport and Entertainment. The four subject specific skills area of speaking, listening, reading and writing are all developed but the greatest emphasis is placed on speaking as well as the skills that are to be developed as part of the Year 7 Integrated Curriculum.

The annual school Eisteddfod is an exciting highlight in the school calendar. Each year students compete in their tutor group in an array of competitions to win the Year Competition. The climax of the day is the awarding of the Eisteddfod Chair which is given to the student who is judged to have written the winning Welsh poem.


At Key Stage 4, all students will study for a full GCSE qualification in Welsh Second Language. This fairly new GCSE qualification has been implemented across the whole of Wales since September 2017. 50% of the GCSE is allocated to oral examinations and the other 50% is allocated to two reading and writing exams.

Lessons will focus on the development of all three skills.


Welsh as a Second Language is also offered to AS and A2 Levels. Students are able to study the Welsh language plus a variety of topics including Welsh poetry, films, drama and short stories.