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Document Links and Useful Information

Please click on the links below for useful day-to-day information:


The SIMS Parent App is a secure online service designed to provide a convenient way for sharing information with parents. This App will enable parents to see accessible information about their child in real time.

If you have not already downloaded the SIMS App, please read through the Quick Start guide below and download the SIMS Parent App, via the App store. 



Online platforms: age restrictions and advice

Online platforms can be challenging to understand and navigate for parents and carers. In order to support understanding of different platforms, Welsh Government have produced this resource: In the know - Hwb ( This collection of guides provides parents and carers with key information about the most popular social media and gaming apps children and young people are using today. They also highlight the risks each app poses to young people and give detailed instructions on how to enable parental controls and safety settings.

Safety on the School Site

The front entrance to the School is for students to arrive safely on foot.  As you will be aware, pedestrian access from Old Dixton Road and the Burgage is limited with some areas having little or no pavement for students to use.   Student safety is compromised when cars are pulling in, turning and dropping off students.  The amount of cars doing this also poses a problem for our neighbours as they try to leave their properties and, even more importantly, blocks the road should emergency vehicles need to gain access.

At the start of the day, the safe ‘drop-off’ point for students arriving by car is at the rear of the School in the car park accessed via the Dixton Road.  Please use the drop-off zone (the vehicle to pavement area on the left) and then exit the school site.   Please do not park in the parking bays to drop off your child/children.  If you need to park and come into School, please use the visitor car park located adjacent to the Leisure Centre, off the Old Dixton Road and report to Reception on arrival.

Students can be safely collected from the car park at the end of the school day from 3.20pm, once home to school transport vehicles have exited.

Students cycling to school can lock and leave their bicycles in the bike racks by the visitor’s carpark.

Student Absence - Unplanned and Planned

As parents/carers you will receive a text message if your child does not register with their tutor and does not arrive at session 1. Please respond to this text message, with the reason for absence. We will aim to send this text message by 9.45am. There is no need to call school prior to this, unless you wish to, as a response to the text message is enough.

This should speed up the process of recording absences and staff will have more time to support students.

As a last resort, you can call the absentee line on 01600 775284 and leave an answerphone message. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the reason for absence. Please be aware that for repeated absences or patterns, you may well be asked for medical evidence.


Appointments during the School Day

If your child has an appointment outside school during the day, could you please let the school know in advance (01600 775177).  This means that it is recorded at Reception and they can be signed out quickly, avoiding unnecessary delays. You may also wish to give your child a note to show their teacher, who will release them from class. 

If we are not aware of a request to leave school, either via a message or a note, we are obliged to call parents/carers to confirm a child is leaving/being met at Reception.  If we are unable to make contact with a parent/carer, we cannot allow a student to leave the school.


MCC Application for Term Time Absence

Always consult the school before booking travel for holidays in term time, as permission may not be granted. 

Applications will be considered individually by the school, taking into account factors like the timing of the absence and the child’s attendance record. 

Taking a holiday during term time means that children miss important school time, both educationally and for other school activities.  It will be difficult for them to catch up on work later on. 

Please download, complete and return form to the school reception.

Term Time Absence Form