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Weather Closure 08 03 23

Due to weather conditions we are required to close at midday today. Please click here or check your email for details.

Dear Parents and Carers

We have had further updates from School Transport and from Highways advising us of worsening conditions this afternoon. As such, we need to make the decision to close the school early today, to avoid the risk of students or staff being stranded later on or facing unsafe transport conditions.
Arrangements will be as follows:

1.  We will close from midday onwards today.

2.  School buses will be onsite around midday to pick up students.

3.  Any students with buses later than this will wait in food hall or atrium

4.  Any students who walk home will be dismissed at midday

5.  Any students who are picked up by other means will be dismissed from school site at midday.

6.  If your individual circumstances mean that the above arrangements are not possible, please let us know (01600 775177) and we can create the capacity to supervise students until 3pm. However, there will be no school transport available at 3pm so other arrangements for your child’s transport would then need to be made by you.

7.  We will make a decision about tomorrow as soon as we are able to.

Kind regards,

Hugo Hutchison
Headteacher / Prifathro